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1st Year: 1999
- Robyn's 1st BBQ Picnic
- Chinese New Year
- Picnic @ Seletar
- Baby Show Contest
- Water Adventure
- RockOn Climbing Comp
- Baby-in-the-Net
- Botanic Gardens
- Cameron Highlands & Celicia Ong's wedding
- Robyn turns 1 Year Old!
- Wet @ Bugis Square
- Zoo & Christmas
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18-22 Sep 99 - My First Oversea Holiday to Cameron Highlands, West Malaysia

Family drive to Cameron Highlands

Robyn and flowers

We drove up north to enjoy the cool air of the Cameron Highlands. We stayed in a mansion that has a garden filled with beautiful flowers of all colors


7 Aug 99 - Teck Whye Wading Pool Re-Visit

Robyn and Jin at Cameron Highlands

Robyn and Grandpa in tea plantation

I love the rolling plain of the tea plantation estate.

I love the mountain view, especially the fast moving clouds.

I love the cabWow, the cabbage is almost bigger than me!

Tiny Robyn, huge cabbage

Robyn on Alvin

I love appreciating blooming flowers from a strategic height



Robyn and Gandma

Robyn loves to explore the local fresh vegetables with Grandmom.

Robyn taller than lion
Alvin, Robyn and Jin


Robyn: "Gee, I finally found a fellow who's shorter than me!"

The Yongs at the Old Smokehouse I love the high tea at the Old Smokehouse

It's been a whale of a family time!
Jin, Robyn and Alvin at the Old Smokehouse, Cameron Highlands



25 Sep 99 - My First Cable Car Trip to Mt Faber for Auntie Cecilia & Uncle Cheng Hai's Wedding

Robyn thrilled in cable car

Jin and Robyn

Robyn's first cable car ride for Cecilia's and Cheng Hai's wedding held on Mount Faber. Daddy was the MC!

"Hey, not so tight, Uncle Cheng Hai. You fancy babies? Quickly go make your own with Auntie Cecilia."

Robyn hanging in mid-air
Cecilia, Cheng Hai, Robyn, Alvin and Jin


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