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1st Year: 1999
- Robyn's 1st BBQ Picnic
- Chinese New Year
- Picnic @ Seletar
- Baby Show Contest
- Water Adventure
- RockOn Climbing Comp
- Baby-in-the-Net
- Botanic Gardens
- Cameron Highlands & Celicia Ong's wedding
- Robyn turns 1 Year Old!
- Wet @ Bugis Square
- Zoo & Christmas
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8 Oct 99 - Climbing @ Toguna, Start of the Vertical Dance

Climbing training at Toguna, my personal home rock gym made by Daddy and Mummy. Daddy says to start early so that I'll have the chance to reach the World Cup Finals before PLSE...
Robyn climbing on Toguna
Climber Robyn
Robyn, ready....
Robyn on layback
Mummy says regular layback exercise routine is good for strengthening my grip and therefore will enable me to tackle tough climbs.
Trying my hands on the Play Boulder designed and built by Alvin and Jin at Hong Kah

Stone Edge climbing playground at Hong Kah


16 Oct 99 - I'm ONE YEAR OLD!

Robyn and her shadow
Robyn on Jin's motorbike

Happy Birthday, Robyn!
"Hey Shadow, you seem to be growing quicker than me. What kinda milk do you drink?"

I'm 1-year old now, old enough to zip around town on Mummy's motorbike. Err... can you turn on the engine for me, please?


17 Oct 99 - My Birthday Celebration @ SAFRA Tao Payoh Rock Gardens

Robyn turns one

Birthday celebration at SAFRA Toa Payoh

Robyn celebrated her first birthday at SAFRA Toa Payoh, at the park by the climbing wall.


"OK, now that we're done with the cake and song, where are my presents?"

Present for me?



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