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6th Year: 2004
- New Year Rock Climb & Return to Sedili
- Ice to Snow
- San Francisco & Skiing at Lake Tahoe
- Robyn turns Six!
- Celine's Wedding in Perth
- Christmas @ Scent'al
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27 Feb - 19 Mar 2004 - Skiing @ Lake Tahoe, USA

The Yongs at The Heavenly , Lake Tahoe

This is Robyn's first skiing holiday and she definitely has gotten the ski bug!

Alvin, Robyn and Jin at The Heavenly, Lake Tahoe.


Robyn the tiny skiier

Robyn's first day at ski school

Alvin, Jin, Murali, Ron and Swee Hoon at Heavenly Ski Resort

Alvin, Jin, Murali, Ron and Swee Hoon at Heavenly Ski Resort


Taking a chairlift up to the top...

On the chairlift to greater height for yet another run!


Learning from ski instructor

Robyn taking ski school...

Mummy demonstrating the right moves...
Mummy giving Robyn a hand...


Robyn loves snow

Robyn looking cool... it's recharging time...

Rest and recharge...

Fell but never out

"Nothing is impossible," said Robyn, "I shall get up after every fall till I learn to ski well!"

Finally, Robyn was skiing steadily and enjoyed following Daddy and Mummy on Blue runs.

Robyn was able to perform big snow ploughs and regulate her descend well. Well done!

Robyn tackles Blue slope!

Jin and Alvin enjoying the snow and every bit of skiing with Robyn.

Jin on ski

Alvin on ski

Robyn tackles Blue slope!

This is a wonderful holiday because I not only learnt how to ski, I also helped Daddy and Mummy conduct business in San Francisco.

Alvin and Jin, the perfect adventure-loving couple.

Robyn has certainly chosen the right parents for a life of adventures and fun in this lifetime!

Alvin and Jin


We catch up with Gem and her daughter, Faith, in San Francisco.

San Francisco: Alvin, Jin, Eng Mui, Faith and Robyn

Faith & Robyn  	This is my friend, Faith


Alvin and Jin at Lake Tahoe

It's been a great skiing holiday at Lake Tahoe. We'll be back!



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