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2nd Year: 2000
- Millennium Crossover & Happy New Year
- Birthdays
- Robyn Scarred !!!
- Arts @ The Substation
- Auntie Janet's ROM
- RockOn & Father's Day
- City Park & Lower Pierce
- Tumble Tots Playgroup
- Camping Northern Territory, Australia
- Robyn Turns 2!
- DinosaursAlive!
- Museum Tour & Auntie Janet's Wedding
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23 Sep - 6 Oct 2000 - Campervaning in Northern Territory, Australia

Robyn in Darwin

Robyn's first plane trip oversea: "Australia, here I come!"

Travel Plan:
23 Sep - Darwin
25 Sep - Litchfield National Park
27 Sep - Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park
1 Oct - Kakadu National Park
5 Oct - Howard Spring Nature Park / Darwin


Campervaning in Northern Territory

Campervaning in Northern Territory

We rented a well-equipped campervan in which we cooked, washed, changed and slept. We drove from campsite to campsite to explore the outback country.

Litchfield National Park

Florence Fall (25-26 Sep)
Florence Fall was our first campsite and the first waterfall we swam in. It's an absolutely beautiful place but the water was very cold!

Florence Fall

Robyn swimming in Florence Fall

Tolmer Fall (26 Sep)
Tolmer Fall was closed for natural regeneration but the view from afar was majestic nevertheless
Tolmer Fall
Alvin, Robyn and Jin at Tolmer Fall
Wangi Fall (26 Sep)
Wangi Fall was has a huge pool where we had a wonderful late afternoon swim before we set up camp at its campsite. Alvin had a roaring campfire going that night. It's been an exciting introduction to natural waterfalls, three in all, for today.
Wangi Fall


Katherine National Park

Edith Falls (28 Sep)
The scenery at Edith Falls was breathtaking. I prefer the Upper to the Lower Fall. It's a breeze getting around for Robyn as she had her Mummy and Daddy as porters. This is what you call "Hanging Aroung"...

Edith Falls

Robyn being portered around by Jin
Robyn in swimsuit

We hiked to the Upper Edith Fall in the unbelievable heat of 45 deg C. Robyn fell asleep when being portered around.

The Upper Fall was gorgeous and we had a refreshing swim in the pool, and scrambled around to explore the rocks and the surrounding.

Cutta Cutta Cave (29 Sep)
This was Robyn's first caving experince. She seems to love the tunnelling about and the sparkling limestones.
Spider on limestone
Caving experience

Burnt Fingers! (28 Sep)

Sob, sob! Robyn burnt her little fingers during dinner time at the Lower Level Caravan Park. It was an experiential lesson to never again touch the top of a lit gas lamp. After an hour of marathon crying, we brought Robyn to the Katherine Hospital for finger dressing. Amazingly, the healing process was so swift in a child and she was bouncing around the next day.

It was Robyn's first real-life lesson on the concept of TEMPERATURE.

Robyn burnt her little fingers...
Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park (30 Sep)
We went on a 2.6km hike in the Katherine Gorge. The rocks have rounded and smoothened pebbles embedded in them signifying this place was once submerged underwater
Alvin and Robyn at Katherine Gorge Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park
Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park Jin and Robyn at Katherine Gorge
We'd wanted to explore the gorge system on canoes but the canoe hire here discriminated against babies like Robyn. So we went on a cruise to get a close-up experience of the gorges instead. We visited the first two gorges which were magnificent, especially to addicted rock climbers like us.

Kakadu National Park

Yellow Water, Cooinda (1 Oct)
A lovely and serene billabong that is submerged many feet underwater during the yearly wet season.
Yellow Water

Australian Darter

An Australian Darter

We enjoyed a very beautiful but short-span sunset scenery before setting up camp at the Cooinda Caravan Park.
Cooinda Caravan Park
Aussie freinds The morning ranger guided walk was most educational. Jeanette and Elizabeth showed us how alive the land was - lilies, termites, sea eagles, whistling kites, Australian Darters, wild boars, the culture of the natives, the seasons, etc. It also happened to be the very last tour for this dry season!
Merl Campsite (2 Oct)
Merl was a simple and bare campsite, and mosquitoes were aplenty. But we enjoyed an evening ranger slideshow held in the open.
Merl campsite
Sleeping beau

Ubirr Rock Arts (3 Oct)

The ancient rock art sites at Ubirr are truly fascinating. We joined the ranger guided talk and learnt much about this aborignal art form.

Ubirr Rock Arts


Jumping Crocs @ Adelaid River

Croc fishing... Croc fishing...
It was quite an unforgetable experience seeing crocodiles jumping high out of the water to gobble up meat in the air, with us staring just a few metres away.
Croc fishing...
Croc fishing...
Croc fishing...

Howard Spring Nature Park

Howard Spring Howard Spring (5 Oct)
A morning dip amongst the ibis before returning to Darwin.



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