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Birth Year: 1998
- Born on 16th Oct
- 1st month old party
- Robyn's 1st family outing
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2 Dec: Robyn is 6.5-week old

6.5-week old Robyn

I love Mummy

1-day old Robyn

I love Daddy


6 Dec: My First Family Outing @ SAFRA Toa Payoh

My first outing!Hooray! I finally get to go on my first family outing this Sunday, after 7 long weeks of 'house arrest' with feeding and sleeping as my only past times...

Guess where did Daddy and Mummy bring me to? It's a Singapore Adventurers' Club's climbing session at the SAFRA Toa Payoh climbing wall. I watched Mummy climbed to the roof before falling off. If only she had done a heel hook followed by a figure-of-4, she would've flashed the route. Mmm... I think I've inherited Daddy's and Mummy's rock climbing genes...

Jin's first climb after childbirth

Robyn's first climbing 'onsight'

Robyn's first 'onsight' impression of rock climbing

Safra Toa Payoh climbing wall
After the climb, I paid my first visit to Granny at Geylang Serai. I generously left behind something there... Guess what?
Granny and Robyn


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