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Colours Of Life


Dream 2011Our Seva 2011 Vision

We believe we have come forth in this life to experience contrast, evolve new ideas so as to co-create with one another in service of others, in order to fully experience who we really are. When experienced in its full spectrum, there is so much richness and joy in the colours of life. As a family, we wish to live out this full spectrum of colours.

Words do not teach. It is life experience that teaches. So we feel living out the colours of life experientially must be a great way to live, grow and give.

So we decided to take a year-long adventure in 2011 to give ourselves and be of service to others and Mother Earth around the world. As a family, we know that taking a year off work and school, and experiencing life markedly different from what we are used to enjoying in Singapore would not only be horizon-expanding but also life-defining. In a way, it's about venturing without to venture within. We like the idea!

Robyn is 12 years old now and would be completing 6 years of primary education by December 2010. While all her friends would go on to pursue their first year of secondary education in 2011, Robyn would spend the year in various parts of the world learning experientially about people and cultures, economy and poverty, eco-consciousness and Mother Nature, religions and spirituality. We see it as a timely break for Robyn before she embarks on her next intensive phase of 6 years of secondary and pre-university education.

At 13, Robyn would be old enough to appreciate the different shades in the colours of life - between poverty and riches, suffering and luxury, mindlessness and purpose. On the other hand, she is also young enough to decipher and absorb wisdom through personal experiences, which will help mould her own life philosophy and purpose. We believe there is so much more to life than being a mindless path of get buys, get good grades, get a job, get married and be safe and secured till old age.

Climbing familyIn choosing Jin and Alvin as her parents, Robyn knows at her soul level that she has no choice but to grow up in an active and adventurous manner. She climbs, swims, bikes, skis, skates, snorkels, plays squash, treks and camps in the outdoor. We believe she is fit enough to travel anywhere, swim in ocean, climb mountains and cross deserts. Robyn grows up artfully too: she plays the piano, expresses herself through drawing and pottery, and shoot with a Nikon D90.

We believe the year long experience would empower Robyn to understand her role and place in this beautiful world, and better determine for herself how she wishes to shape her own life journey ahead, with a oneness consciousness.

2011 will be a life-defining break for Jin and I too. The norm has been to spend our years working and building business, advancing career, earning money, anxious of kid's homework and exam, spending weekends dining with family and in-laws, taking short holiday breaks, and living many-a-similar days. Thanks to the inspiration to travel with Robyn, we feel it is time too for us to press the pause button and venture out, spread our wings and soar into new skies, discover new frontiers and gain new wisdom. I guess it's kind of a sabbatical for personal development and growth so that we can evolve into better persons and parents.

Looking back, we have many adventures, events, people and opportunities to thank for shaping our experiences and outlook. My early scouting days (1979-1984) laid the foundation for outdoor interest and basic survival skills. When I trekked into the embrace of the mighty Himalayas in 1984 with the NJC gang, I fell in love with mountains and the vastness of Mother Nature. In 1989, on a silent night in Sahara Desert in Morocco, I promised myself that one day I'll bring my loved ones to the desert, experience the desert at night and talk to the stars. In Kenya, I heard the call of the wild to help turn around the ecological nightmare that human is throwing at Nature. I also sensed that there is much forgotten ancient wisdom that we urgently need to discover or remember from tribal people, spiritual traditions and shamans for they may be the key to our continued humanity survival.

Looking forward to 2011, we know many exciting adventures and learning opportunities await. We are certain there will be challenges and difficulties too. To be frank, it did take some courage for us to brave this unusual project. I guess we've acted out of intuitive faith rather than logic. Well, we believe that once a decision is made, the whole cosmos would realign itself to present the right people, events and opportunities before us to help us along. It's probably due to the cosmic arrangement that you have come to read what you are reading at this very moment! : )

So what exactly do we plan to do in 2011?

SaharaIt's a go-with-the-flow plan and it's being shaped as the days go by. But we are constantly watching for signs and sending out vibrations of what our desires and preferences are to the universe. Here is a list of what we wish to accomplish in India and Africa:

  • Contribute to humanitarian initiatives and social projects for poverty eradication, education for the poor, upliftment of the disadvantaged and marginalized communities.
  • Contribute to environmental and ecological initiatives, re-forestation, nature and species preservation.
  • Contribute to raising spirituality and consciousness that we are all One.

We shall update this website as our plan gets shaped up.

Should you know of contacts or information that may be of help to us, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Thank you in advance.

Alvin, Jin and Robyn Yong
July 2010

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And what actually happened in 2011...

Seva @ Uganda: Home Of Joy in KampalaSeva @ Home of Joy, Kampala
Seva @ Hands Up For Kids, LamuSeva @ Kenya:
Hands Up For Kids Project in Lamu


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