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16th Year: 2014
- Meditation @ Tigerland Rice Farm
- Grandpa's Will
Private screening of 'Meeting the Giant' movie

- Swim @ Safra Jurong
Family Fun @ Tanjung Sutera Resort

- Sport climbing @ Onsight Climbing Gym
Racial Harmony Day @ Unity Secondary
- Yong's Family Picnic @ Botanic Gardens
Granny's Brain Tumor Ordeal
- Grandpa's Shingles Ordeal
Tai Family Star Cruise

- Unity Secondary School PSG Notice Board

- Unity Sec PSG Prawning in East Coast Park
Ski Val Thorens in the French Alps


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3 JAN 2014: Victoria School 1982 Batch Reunion

Victoria School 1982 Batch Reunion
138 old boys of the Victoria School 1982 batch reunited to celebrate their 48th birthday together!

48th birthday cake for all in our batch
We all turned 48 years old in 2014.
Our retired teachers
It was so good to meet our retired teachers.
Class 4S2
The Class of 4S2.
VS 1501 Arrow Scouts
1501 Arrow Scouts reunited.
More VS old pals
Old friends coming in all shapes and sizes now...
Margaret Drive Primary School mates Wai Mun and Alvin
Alvin's Margaret Drive Primary Schoolmate - Wai Mun.
More 4S2 old pals
4S2 classmates.
VS Scouts at Avita
Arrow Scout patrol leaders gathering at Avita.


5 JAN 2014: Mama Dryclean

Grandparents at Mama Dryclean

We created and put up signages for Mama Dryclean in D.I.Y. fashion.

Signages of Mama Dryclean


24 JAN 2014: 1st PSG Meeting

PSG 2014
Newly elected Unity Secondary PSG EXCO for 2014.


26 JAN 2014: Children's Garden Home Seva Talk by Eddie and Soo Keong

Jin, Robyn and Alvin
We are grateful to friends who continue to support the social project at Children's Garden Home in Kenya that we began in 2011.
Children's Garden Home donors and supporters
In Dec 2013, 2 teachers - Eddie Koh and Soo Keong - visited CGH for a 2 week voluntary seva. They shared their experiences and insights at this talk.

This talk served to update donors, child sponsors and supporters on the latest happenings at CGH.
Aisha, Alvin and Nalini
Thanks to Aisha and Nalini from Unity Sec PSG for coming to support.
Eddie Koh
Eddie Koh made improvement to the sponsorship scheme and the library at CGH.
Soo Keong
Eddie is passionate about the agriculture self-help projects and took lots of great pics.
Rosita and Jin
Rosita is one of many kind sponsors to help uplift street children and sustainability of CGH.


26 JAN 2014: CNY Reunion Dinner of the Yongs

Yongs' CNY reunion dinner
Jan birthday celebration

It's the Yongs' CNY Reunion Dinner cum Jan birthday celebration for Grandparents and Xiao Mei. We also enjoyed karaoke at this restaurant at Sg Kadut.

Happy birthday

Grandparents and Xiao Mei
Eugene and Luca singing Jin and Robyn singing karaoke


30 JAN 2014: CNY Reunion Dinner of the Tais

tais' CNY Reunion Dinner
Traditional lohei at the Tais.
Ang bao time!
Grandpa giving away ang baos to smiling faces.
Best cousins
Best cousins Robyn and Branda.
Makan time!
Colourful spread of steamboat buffet!



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