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14th Year: 2012
- Seva Talk at RI

- Stacks in S'pore & Partner Yoga

- Racial Harmony Day at Unity Secondary School

- AOL Adv Course & Grandpa's Gifts

- Family Gathering & Yuki's Wedding in KL

- Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
- Children's Garden Home, Nairobi, Kenya
- Shooting Wildlife in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya
- Rock Climbing at Safra Yishun

- Skiing at Secret Garden + Great Wall of China


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JAN 2012: Welcoming a New Year of Humanity Consciousness

Our new Sukuzi Vitara SUV
Our color for 2012 is White, AOL's color
2012 is said to be the beginning of a new age for humanity, a turning point in the history of our existence that marks the birthing of a heightened consciousness in which the collective human being as a species will evolve in deeper love, peace and Oneness. It shall be an exciting year of change for the better, a year when all the colours will blend more and more into the pureness of white. So we picked a white Sukuzi Vitara SUV as our vehicle of choice to zoom into a bright future. White is also the colour of Art of Living!

2 JAN 2012: Robyn Starts Sec 1 at Unity Secondary School



15 JAN 2012: Annual SAC Charity Spring Cleaning

Thanks to Michael Chng for his sponsorship and Cecilia Ong for organizing the voluntary initiative, the annual spring cleaning seva kicked off to a joyous start at 8am at Block 125, Kim Tian Road.

This event has also become an annual must-go gathering for many S'pore Adventurers' Club old timers, like Jin and I. Children of SAC members now also get involved in this meaningful service to the elderly, many of whom live alone. Kok Sin and Hui Yi partnered us in the cleaning task.

This year, we encountered a few units that required pretty serious cleaning.

Annual SAC Spring Cleaning for lonely elderly folks at Bt Merah area

24 JAN 2012: CNY + Grandpa's Birthday Celebration

Grandpa & Grandma with the grandchildren Grandpa & Grandma with 1st generation 'downlines'
Happy birthday, Grandpa! Celebration at Dome Cafe at Dempsey.

29 JAN 2012: Lucas Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday, Lucas

Happy birthday, Lucas.

Kids were all thrilled by the magic show

Kids were thrilled by the magic show.


29 JAN 2012: Happy CNY at CEO's

From Lucas' birthday party, we went to visit Avita CEO, Ms Lee Xiang Yin, with the Scent'al Group gang including Siu Ling, Theingi, Wai Teng, Josephine and our young friends from China.

It was Chinese New Year visiting period and it was good to be back at her lovely home after our year-long absence while on Seva 2011.

ZiQi, Alvin, Jo and Ms Lee
Scent'al Group at ms Lee's
Alvin, Jin and Robyn




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