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13th Year: 2011
- Piano Recital by Robyn, Mosaic Art Portrait & CNY Reunion Lunch
- Chinese New Year, PA Got Talents, Alvin's Birthday & Opening of Clay-Street New Studio
- Bye-bye Heni
Seva Wk 01: Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore
Seva Wk 02: 1st Seva with Divine Karnataka Project & On Course
Seva Wk 03: Sponsoring Rural Village Sport Clubs & Bridge at Chikmagalur
Seva Wk 04:
'WHY DKP' Corporate Fund Raising
Seva Wk 05: DKP Helps Rural Farmers, Gadag & Koppal, Karnataka
Seva Wk 06: Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Konark, Puri & Sri Sri University
Seva Wk 07: Tribal School Project, Jharkhand
Seva Wk 08:
Tribal School Arts Festival on Facebook
Seva Wk 09: Tribal School @ Dumuria & Ranchi
Seva Wk 10: Tribal School Digital Contest & Kolkata
Seva Wk 11: Kolkata to Delhi to Himachal Pradesh
Seva Wk 12: Shoghi, Shimla & Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Seva Wk 13: Homestay @ Tirthan, Kullu Valley
Seva Wk 14: Sangla, Peo, Nako, Kinnaur Valley
Seva Wk 15: Tabo, Kaza, Kye, Spiti Valley
Seva Wk 16: Demul to Komic on Yaks, Spiti Valley

Seva Wk 17: Kaza to Manali to Gurgaon, Delhi
Seva Wk 18: Gurgaon & Barefoot College,Tilonia
Seva Wk 19: Jaipur & back to Bangalore
Seva Wk 20 & 21: With the Murthys in Bangalore

Seva Wk 22-24: Meridian 101 Ambassadors for India & Bye Bye India
Seva Wk 25: Seva in Africa - Jumbo Kenya!
Seva Wk 26: Seva at the Children's Garden Home
Seva Wk 27: More Seva Projects at CGH
Seva Wk 28: Self-drive Safari to Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Hell's Gate
Seva Wk 29: Short Break to Arusha, Tanzania
Seva Wk 30: Safari at Nairobi National Park & Children's Day Celebration
Seva Wk 31: Launching BEADwear for Christmas
Seva Wk 32: Robyn turns 13 in Kampala, Uganda
Seva Wk 33: Rafting the White Nile, Jinja, Uganda
Seva Wk 34: Sipi Falls, Uganda & African Child Mega Dance in Kenya
Seva Wk 35: Nairobi to Mombasa, Malindi & Lamu
Seva Wk 36: Seva@Lamu - Donkey necklace + Kaya
Seva Wk 37: Seva@Lamu - Hands Up 4 Kids
Seva Wk 38: Bye Africa, Hello Istanbul, Homeward-bound Singapore
- Home Sweet Home in Singapore

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SEVA WEEK 22, 23 & 24 (1-21 Aug 2011)


Thanks to arrangement made by Ragini of VVKI, we bade farewell to Uncle Murthy and Aunt Geetha and returned to the ashram for 11 days, till the very last day of our stay in India.

We started our Seva journey in India at the ashram on 7 Mar. We would leave India from the ashram on 21 Aug. And our Indian tourist visa would expire on 22 Aug.

Our next destination: Nairobi, Kenya.


On Bawa's request, we conducted a Meridian 101 for EVERYONE Workshop for about 20 YES!+ teachers and volunteers, and ashramites, at the Buddha Hall.

It was a fun workshop with everyone participating 100% from start till end. After the workshop, we were treated to a huge cheese dosa and other delicacies at the Vishala Cafe run by YES!+.

First full scale <a href=
First full scale Meridian 101 workshop in India.
Joy of Meridian 101 acupressure

It turned out that this would be the first of 5 Meridian 101 Workshops to happen for the remaining of our stay in the ashram... What an honour!


< Joy of Meridian 101 acupressure.

> An expression of intense joy on Bawa's face.

Intense joy!

Alvin showing where the lung meridian is...
Mayur expertly videoed this entire workshop.

Jin helping the Murthys to learn Meridian 101 acupressure with Avita herbal oils
Jin assisted with the demo.

Alvin doing a guasha demo
Alvin doing a guasha demo...

1st Meridian 101 workshop in ashram
Participants at the first Meridian 101 Workshop held in the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore
Thanks to the YES!+ multimedia team, we can enjoy a superb video recording of the debut of Meridian 101 Workshop in India. Enjoy!

I was fortunate to sit in to observe and learn from Muraliji when he was conducting the TTC for the Know Your Child, Know Your Teen, Stress-Free Teaching modules under the NOVICE program for schools.

Teacher Training Course for NOVICE Program by Muraliji

MuralijiSchools are a critical institution where all children pass through but the stress from teachers and parents is not helping the students. Muraliji directs the NOVICE program that helps teachers and parents understand the true meaning of education and how to approach it in an enlightened way so as to support their children to truly learn how to learn.


Guruji was at ashram so there was a big crowd at satsang tonight, especially so as there was an Advanced Course in Tamil with over 1200 participants. The satsang was held at the Yagyashala Mantap.

Satsang at the Yagyashala Mantap
Beloved Guruji

Satsang on Saturday14 Aug 2011 - Satsang on Saturday

The crowd on Saturday was even bigger and the satsang was held at the amphitheatre outside the VM. Despite thousands of people swarmed in from the city and every corner of the ashram, it was always orderly.

It was always so wonderful to hear the words of wisdom offered by Guruji during satsang.

Q: "How to balance work and life?"
A: "You know how to ride a bicycle? That's how."


Today, India celebrated its Independence Day. At the ashram, we began with a Devi Pooja conducted by Guruji at 7am at the Yagyashala Mantap.

After that, a celebration was held at the amphitheatre, attended by thousands of people and students from the various Sri Sri Vidya Mandir schools nearby.

Devi Pooja
India's Independence Day celebration at the ashram Jin, Robyn and Alvin on India's Independence Day

News of our first Meridian 101 workshop apparently travelled and Anish from the Panchakarma invited us to do a Meridian 101 Workshop for the Panchakarma Ayurveda doctors and therapists.

Anish was so kind to invite us to an Ayurvedic lunch and a Marma therapy treatment for Jin and I before the workshop started.

Ayurvedic lunch at the Panchakarma
M101 workshop at Panchakarma Practice time for everyone
Alvin demo on Anish

It was such an honour for us to share Meridian 101 acupressure, based on ancient traditional Chinese healing science, with Ayurvedic doctors who are experts in traditional Indian healing science.

< Alvin showing the location of Jian-Jing acupoint on the Gall Bladder meridian of Anish.

> Alvin doing a shoulder guasha demo for the Ayurvedic doctors and therapists.

Alvin demo guasha

At the request of Bawa, I made the unusual attempt to train the pioneer batch of 8 Ambassador Trainees in India within 6 days. We started with acupressure skill training in the morning for the enthusiastic 'Chosen 8': Rashmin, Abhi, Khush, Gowri, Dr Hema, Spandan, Prasana and KK.

Pioneer batch of M101 Ambassador Trainees in India

Ambassador Trainees undergoing skill training

At 2pm, we held a workshop for a group who travelled from Hyderabad to experience Meridian 101...

3rd Meridian 101 workshop in ashram

Gowri doing the Energy Test demo

Alvin's coaching is always experiential and On-the-Job Training (OJT): Trainee Gowri led the Energy Test demo, immediately putting what he learnt in the morning into practice.

All trainees got to work during practical time
During practice breakouts, all Ambassador Trainees sprang 'hungrily' into action.
Trainee Rashmin had definitely found the Chi-ze acupoint for Dr Rohit!
Trainee Rashmin had definitely found the Chi-ze acupoint for Dr Rohit!

17 Aug 2011 - Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course (Day 2)

We met every morning for training and the trainees organized a workshop in the afternoon for OJT.

I was impressed by the dedication of the trainees as some of them had to travel 1-2 hours from their city homes to the ashram.

We had plenty of fun learning how to pronounce the various acupressure points in Chinese!

Meridian 101 Ambassador Training Day 2

Practising Energy Test

Everyone experienced and practised how to conduct the Energy Test, and experienced the efficacy of guasha with Avita herbal essential oils.

Spandan practising guasha on Dr Hema
Spandan Abhi Khush Gowri
We had all sorts of fun resulting in all sorts of facial expression!
KK led the guasha demo
OJT: Ambassador Trainees were tasked to speak on different segments and led all the demo, and they did really well.
Demo enmass
As this was the 4th workshop, they were well versed with the sequence and were confident with their skills.
1st speaking accomplishment by the Ambassador Trainees
They did well in their 1st attempt at presenting the workshop. Alvin just opened and then closed it!

We met on 18 Aug morning for the final theory session on the effective organization and promotion of the Meridian 101 workshop.

We held the 5th Meridian 101 workshop at the old ashram dinning hall and again, it was well attended. This would be the trainees' 2nd attempt at presenting the workshop.

5th M101 workshop
KK's lethal touch... Dr Hema's confident guasha strokes Rashmin's deadly claws...

All thanks to Prasana who happened to be in Singapore for work and managed to rush back to Chennai and took an overnight bus to get to Bangalore with the Avita herbal essential oils and guasha boards for the Ambassador Trainees.

Armed with the herbal oils and guasha boards, we started the graduation training on guasha skills.

We've gotten our Avita herbal essential oils and guasha boards from Singapore!
Guasha practical
Everyone sprang into guasha practice...
Spandan practising guasha on Abhi
Jin and Robyn assisting Spandan on Abhi...
Dr Hema practising guasha on Khush
Dr Hema practising Gall Bladder meridian guasha on Khush.
Bladder meridian guasha
Gowri practising Bladder meridian guasha on Abhi.
Robyn helping Bawa locate Jian-Jin acupoints
Robyn demo on Bawa.
Bawa practising Bladder meridian guasha on Gowri
Bawa practised on Gowri.

Alvin demo Face Reflexology on Bawa
Alvin demo Face Reflexology.


Pioneer batch of Meridian 101 Ambassadors for India

Hooray, the pioneer batch of eight Meridian 101 Ambassadors for India has graduated!

Chakde Meridian 101!

And they were anxious to prove that they know all the acupressure points! Chakde Meridian 101!



After giving birth to the Meridian 101 Ambassadors by early afternoon, it was time to pack up, attend our last satsang at the ashram and leave at midnight for the airport. Our flight to Nairobi was at 4.25am on 21 Aug.

Alvin, Jin & Robyn at Art of Living ashram

With Nagaraj-ji
Nagaraj-ji and the Yongs.

Thanks to Guruji's grace, we'd been so fortunate to make so many good friends over the last 5.5 months in India. We met many of them at the satsang and bade farewell to them all.

With Uncle Murthy and Aunt Geetha
Uncle Murthy and Aunt Geetha.
With Siva
Siva has been a great pal and a helpful friend.
With Tithi
With Tithi Pathik.
With Kumar from USA
With Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Prasanta.
Robyn and Marie from Ivory Coast
Robyn and Marie from Ivory Coast.

With KumarWith Kumar.


> Week 25: Arriving in Nairobi, Kenya...


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