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13th Year: 2011
- Piano Recital by Robyn, Mosaic Art Portrait & CNY Reunion Lunch
- Chinese New Year, PA Got Talents, Alvin's Birthday & Opening of Clay-Street New Studio
- Bye-bye Heni
Seva Wk 01: Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore
Seva Wk 02: 1st Seva with Divine Karnataka Project & On Course
Seva Wk 03: Sponsoring Rural Village Sport Clubs & Bridge at Chikmagalur
Seva Wk 04:
'WHY DKP' Corporate Fund Raising
Seva Wk 05: DKP Helps Rural Farmers, Gadag & Koppal, Karnataka
Seva Wk 06: Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Konark, Puri & Sri Sri University
Seva Wk 07: Tribal School Project, Jharkhand
Seva Wk 08:
Tribal School Arts Festival on Facebook
Seva Wk 09: Tribal School @ Dumuria & Ranchi
Seva Wk 10: Tribal School Digital Contest & Kolkata
Seva Wk 11: Kolkata to Delhi to Himachal Pradesh
Seva Wk 12: Shoghi, Shimla & Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Seva Wk 13: Homestay @ Tirthan, Kullu Valley
Seva Wk 14: Sangla, Peo, Nako, Kinnaur Valley
Seva Wk 15: Tabo, Kaza, Kye, Spiti Valley
Seva Wk 16: Demul to Komic on Yaks, Spiti Valley

Seva Wk 17: Kaza to Manali to Gurgaon, Delhi
Seva Wk 18: Gurgaon & Barefoot College,Tilonia
Seva Wk 19: Jaipur & back to Bangalore
Seva Wk 20 & 21: With the Murthys in Bangalore

Seva Wk 22-24: Meridian 101 Ambassadors for India & Bye Bye India
Seva Wk 25: Seva in Africa - Jumbo Kenya!
Seva Wk 26: Seva at the Children's Garden Home
Seva Wk 27: More Seva Projects at CGH
Seva Wk 28: Self-drive Safari to Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Hell's Gate
Seva Wk 29: Short Break to Arusha, Tanzania
Seva Wk 30: Safari at Nairobi National Park & Children's Day Celebration
Seva Wk 31: Launching BEADwear for Christmas
Seva Wk 32: Robyn turns 13 in Kampala, Uganda
Seva Wk 33: Rafting the White Nile, Jinja, Uganda
Seva Wk 34: Sipi Falls, Uganda & African Child Mega Dance in Kenya
Seva Wk 35: Nairobi to Mombasa, Malindi & Lamu
Seva Wk 36: Seva@Lamu - Donkey necklace + Kaya
Seva Wk 37: Seva@Lamu - Hands Up 4 Kids
Seva Wk 38: Bye Africa, Hello Istanbul, Homeward-bound Singapore
- Home Sweet Home in Singapore

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SEVA WEEK 20 & 21 (18-31 Jul 2011)


One of the best things that happened to us upon returning to Bangalore was the opportunity to stay with Uncle Murthy and Aunt Geetha. They are such wonderful and kind hosts. We learnt so much about Indian culture from them, especially on food. Robyn enjoyed many hours in the kitchen being an assistant to Aunt Geetha.

They took us to the Hari Krishna Temples, the famous Maiya's Restaurant and to the ashram for the evening satsang.

Aunt Geetha and her assistant, Robyn
Robyn learnt cooking from Aunt Geetha.

Homemade puri by Robyn
The output was homemade puri!

Every meal was superb
Our daily dining affairs peppered with stories of Guruji.
Breakfast at the Maiya's
Breakfast at the Maiya's Restaurant on a Sunday.
After satsang at the ashram
After satsang at the ashram with Dr Seema.
Jin massaged Aunt Geetha every night on her lung meridian
Nightly, Jin massaged Aunt Geetha's lung meridian.
Robyn pressing Uncle Murthy's 肩井 acupressure points

Jin helped Aunt Geetha to relieve her cough with Meridian 101 acupressure massage with Vital Meridian and Magnolia. We were so glad to see her cough situation improved tremendously over a few days.

Robyn also did acupressure 'seva' on Uncle Murthy.

Robyn showing Aunt Geetha how to locate the acupoints

Meridian 101 Workshop for the Buxanis

< We conducted a Meridian 101 Workshop for Mr Buxani and his daughter, Vinita, at the Murthys' home.

Jin helping the Murthys to learn Meridian 101 acupressure with Avita herbal oils
Soon enough, Uncle Murthy and Aunt Geetha got the hang of Meridian 101.

A joyous guasha by Aunt Geetha to Uncle Murthy

They are now enjoying the acupressure massage and guasha by themselves, using Vital Meridian and Magnolia Herbal Essential Oils.

Uncle Murthy using the Vital Meridian Essence Oil
Robyn's handmade gift to the Murthys
Robyn presented a handmade photo frame to Uncle Murthy and Aunt Geetha.
Crafty photo frame for the Murthys by Robyn
The photograph was that of their children and grandchildren living in USA and Canada.

Thanks to the sponsorship from various friends from Singapore for the A-Dictionary-A-Child, we were able to equip each child from Class 4 to 9 with an Oxford English-English-Hindi dictionary. Some 600 students in total. Chawlaji sent us a few pictures showing happy faces of Tribal Children and teacher when they received their dictionaries.

Oxford English-English-Hindi dictionaries for 600 students

Teacher and students from the Kalchiti Primary School with their dictionaries


In the mean time, Alvin started work to research and design the new VVKI website...


> Week 22: Bangalore...


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