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11th Year: 2009
- Return to Tanjung Sutera, Year of the Ox
- Alvin turns 43 & The Art of Living Basic Course
- Jin's birthday, Good Friday Eco-Vacation at Tg Sutera
- Clay IN-SIGHT for the Visually Handicapped, Robyn's Kawai Piano & Brownie Chief Commissioner's Badge Award
- Bye-bye, Geylang Serai Shop
- Sunday Yoga
- Robyn, the Young Pianist
- Brownie Robyn
- Robyn's 11th Birthday
- Fighting Fish
- Adventures @ Krabi

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3-4 Jan 2009: Tanjung Sutera Resort at Sedili

Heaven & Earth Heaven and earth

Jin and Robyn

Monsoon season is always our favourite time to return to Tanjung Sutera Resort at Sedili.

The roaring ocean called out to us with a divine message of love.

We each enjoyed a Solitude Evening of silence for 30 minutes making connection with the ocean and the night sky.

Robyn and the waves

Alvin and Robyn

Eternal love, as old as the ocean and the rocks

Eternal love, as old as the ocean and the rocks (photo by Robyn)


11 Jan 2009: Volunteering Day for the Yongs

Robyn doing spring cleaning

11 Jan was a vounteering day for the Yong Family.

Jin, Robyn and Ranxuen joined the Singapore Adventurers' Club as volunteers for the annual spring cleaning of the homes of old folks at Kim Tian Road.

Alvin volunteered as a Team Work Judge for the First Lego League Singapore, organised by Heartware Network.

Heartware Network is a not-for-profit youth organization and Alvin was an ex-member of its board of directors.

Alvin and fellow judges of the FLL


18 Jan 2009: Grandpa's 80th Birthday Celebration

Ron, Jeffrey, Yin Choo, Jin and Mom

Grandpa's 80th birthday celebration was also a karaok session for all in the family.

The Tai siblings sang with Mama.


L: Ron, Jeffrey, Yin Choo, Jin and Mom

We all contributed much to the noise pollution level in Singapore that night.


R: Robyn, Grandmom, Denise and Brenda

Robyn, Grandmom, Denise and Brenda

Robyn practising headstand asana

Robyn practising her headstand asana, expertly coached by Yogi Jin.

26 Jan 2009: Chinese New Year - Year of the Ox

The Yongs: Alvin, Robyn and Jin


from the Yongs

Cheeky Robyn 1

Cheeky Robyn 2

Happy new year to Grandpa and Grandma, and also to little cousin Gaven.

Robyn, Grandpa, Grandma and Gaven



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