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9th Year: 2007
- SAC Spring Cleaning & Rock Climbing at SAFRA Yishun
- Chinese New Year
- Visiting Relatives in Malaysia
- Family Climbing Fun
- NDP @ Marina Bay
- Army Open House
- Robyn's 9th Birthday Celebration @ Hindhede
- ART Excel Course by The Art of Living Foundation
- Accidental Thailand Adventures

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14 Oct 2007 - Robyn's Birthday Picnic @ Hindhede Nature Park

Happy 9th Birthday, Robyn

On this glorious Sunday afternoon, Robyn's friends celebrated her birthday with a picnic and a treasure hunt game at the Hindhede Nature Park.

Robyn turns 9 on 16 Oct.

Happy 9th Birthday to Robyn Yong


Robyn and friends

Treasure hunt at Bukit Timah Nature Park

Robyn and friends Again, Robyn chose to give away her birthday presents to the children at the Canossaville Children's Home.
The treasure hunt game introduced many interesting places and facts about our natural environment to all the kids and their parents alike.


Robyn, Ranxuan and Rycca

L: Robyn, Ranxuan and Rycca. Robyn was so glad and happy to be able to celebrate her birthday with so many of her friends. They had tons of fun and laughters at Hindhede Nature Park.


R: This was probably one of Aunt Xiao Mei's last public appearance in her big tummy... Only 10 days later on 24 Oct, baby Gaven was born!

Robyn, Xiao Mei and Skye


Robyn's Pokemon cake
Robyn's cousin, Skye

Little Skye eyeing the Pokemons on Robyn's Pokemon birthday cake...


"It's good that my favourite Pokemons were celebrating my birthday with me on my cake!"

Robyn and her Pokemon cake

Robyn and her Pokemon cake


Robyn and Ranxuan opening presents
Robyn: "Those presents in front of me, I shall keep! Those by Ranxuan's side, I shall donate to the Canossaville Children's Home!"



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