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9th Year: 2007
- SAC Spring Cleaning & Rock Climbing at SAFRA Yishun
- Chinese New Year
- Visiting Relatives in Malaysia
- Family Climbing Fun
- NDP @ Marina Bay
- Army Open House
- Robyn's 9th Birthday Celebration @ Hindhede
- ART Excel Course by The Art of Living Foundation
- Accidental Thailand Adventures

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2 Sep 2007 - Army Open House

Robyn: "Today's the best day of my life."

It was so fun climbing into tank, assault bridge, firing machine gun and going on an assault course shooting blanks!


R: Robyn with the assault bridge

Robyn with the assault bridge

Robyn firing the GPMG

L: Robyn firing the GPMG



R: The Yongs with the Leopard Main Battle Tank

Yongs with the Leopard Main Battle Tank

Robyn the little soldier

Robyn the little soldier

Don't mess with me!

"Don't mess with me!"

Robyn in combat

Robyn in combat

Robyn the machine gunner

Now I know what kind of fun Daddy Alvin gets when he goes on his in-camp training...


8 Sep 2007 - Making Pancakes

Robyn learnt hands-on how to make pancakes...

Should you wish to order, please contact Robyn directly.

Robyn makes pancakes
Flip-flip the pancake... Alvin, Jin and Robyn


18 Sep 2007 - Making Mooncakes

Robyn making mooncakes

Robyn learnt how to make snow skin mooncakes from Auntie Elynn's Mooncake Making Workshop.

Somehow, I found the mooncakes that I made to be exceptionally nice... Please place your orders early next year, ok? Buy 10 get 2 free!

Robyn's mooncake production



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