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9th Year: 2007
- SAC Spring Cleaning & Rock Climbing at SAFRA Yishun
- Chinese New Year
- Visiting Relatives in Malaysia
- Family Climbing Fun
- NDP @ Marina Bay
- Army Open House
- Robyn's 9th Birthday Celebration @ Hindhede
- ART Excel Course by The Art of Living Foundation
- Accidental Thailand Adventures

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5 Aug 2007 - Celebrating Skye's 2nd Birthday

"Happy Birthday, Skye"

Robyn thought, "I'm not sure if my little cousin Skye really understand the concept of a birthday celebration but he seemed to be the most joyous boy on earth that afternoon. Mmm, I wonder what I was thinking when I turned 2 years at the Upper Pierce celebration..."

Skye's birthday cake

Melvin, Skye and Cylia

The Yongs


9 Aug 2007 - Celebrating Singapore's National Day Parade 2007 by the Marina Bay

Alvin, Jin, Robyn and Ranxuan at NDP 2007
We were so thrilled that Daddy Alvin was awarded 4 tickets for this year's NDP by the Marina Bay by the SAF. It was really an experience being there to enjoy the sight and sound and excitement of the parade. Ranxuan and Robyn
NDP fly pass

Robyn invited her best friend, RanXuan, to go along.

The floating platform was huge and grand.

The fly pass was majestic.

The NDP Show was one the best that we had ever watched. The stage, the performance, the firework - all were fantastic!

Jin, RanXuan, Robyn, Alvin at NDP 2007


12 Aug 2007 - Ice-skating at Jurong East Entertainment Centre

It's ice-skating time again!
Julianna and Josephine
Robyn invited along Jean, Julianna and Victoria for this afternoon's ice-skating. It was Julianna's first attempt but she did very well with Auntie Josephine's guidance. And Victoria's skating reminded me of my first time on ice when I was 2 year old back in 2001...
Alvin and Victoria
Julianna, Robyn and Jean
Josephine and Dennis



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