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9th Year: 2007
- SAC Spring Cleaning & Rock Climbing at SAFRA Yishun
- Chinese New Year
- Visiting Relatives in Malaysia
- Family Climbing Fun
- NDP @ Marina Bay
- Army Open House
- Robyn's 9th Birthday Celebration @ Hindhede
- ART Excel Course by The Art of Living Foundation
- Accidental Thailand Adventures

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9 Mar 2007 - Celebrating Jin's Birthday

"Happy Birthday, Mummy"

Mummy Jin got a specially designed bouquet of purple roses from Daddy Alvin. May their love blossom forever.


15-16 Mar 2007 - Visiting Relatives in Malaysia

Grand Pa and Grand Aunt had been longing to visit our Yong relatives in Malaysia. This 1-week holiday was just the perfect time to go on a long drive...

I observed some interestingly old and unkept buildings which was not a common sight I could catch in Singapore...

Alvin, Jin and Robyn in Malaysia

Building art photo

Grandpa and his siblings L to R:
- Grand uncle is hubby of Grand aunt (4th from L)
- Grandpa
- Grand aunt (younger sis of Grandpa)
- Grand aunt (elder sis of Grandpa)
- Grand uncle (eldest bro of Grandpa)
Daddy's cousin's big house

We stayed the night in a palace-like house that belongs to Daddy's cousin, Aunt Foong. It was so huge and spacious! But then it has to because Aunt Foong has 6 daughters all living under one roof!

Dinner at Cheras

At Cheras, our relatives turned out in force to enjoy a grand dinner together. The network of relationship was indeed mind blowing to me...

Relatives and us
L to R:
- Grandpa
- Mummy Jin
- Me Robyn
- Aunt Foong (mom of 6!)
- Grand aunt (no. 3)
- Grand aunt (no. 1)
- Aunt Tai (sis of Aunt Foong)
Brothers are forever
In the evening, an army of relatives just sat around for chit chat. Daddy shared with everyone the secrets of Meridian Therapy and everyone had tons of fun practising acupressure massage.


Brothers are forever. Grandpa enjoying a close chat with Grand Uncle after breakfast.

Alvin teaching Meridian Massage

The Elderly Yongs

The next morning, we enjoyed an authentic kampong breakfast of good Malaysian coffee and noddles at a nearby coffee shop. It's indeed a rare opportunity for all the Yong elderly siblings to relax and had breakfast together.

Junior Yongs

It's of course equally rare for the Junior Yongs and family to sip Malaysian coffee together. I'm privileged to be the most junior Yong here. Hehe!

Tai relatives

Enroute back to Singapore, we stopped by at the Tai relative - Mummy's 3rd uncle on the Tai family side.

L to R:
- Mummy & me
- Grand Uncle & Aunt

Swallow Hut
The highlight at Grand Uncle Tai's home was his Swallow Hut, where he rears hundreds of swallow to collect bird nests. It was amazing to see the interior of the hut and take a close up look at the swallow.
Inside the swallow hut Bird's nest in the making

There were many interesting plants at the back of Grand Uncle Tai's house too. One of which was dragon fruit!

Grand uncle Tai and Grandpa

Uncle Ah Kun and Mummy Jin

Uncle Ah Kun seems to have many identities... He is the younger son of Grand Uncle, and happens to also be a cousin to Mummy, and he's also an uncle to me. Also, he's the master for all the swallows!


31 Mar 2007 - Ching Ming at Kong Meng San

Ching Ming trip to Kong Meng San temple

Today's our annual trip to the Kong Meng San temple during this Ching Ming period to pay respect to the deceases in our family - late Grandma, late Great Grandma and late Grand aunt.

We enjoyed a wonderful vegetarian breakfast at Kong Meng San temple.



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