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8th Year: 2006
- Welcome Year of Dog
- Baby Lucase & Ice Skating
- Jin's Birthday @ Mt Faber
- Rock Climbing & Kid's Kampong Excursion
- Mother's Day, Kranji Park & Jurong Reptile Park
- Driving Tour to Fraser Hill, Ipoh & KL
- Climbing Fun for Families
- Skye's 1st Birthday
- Kid's Central LIVE Show
- Robyn's 8th Charity Birthday
- Bowling @ SAFRA Yishun
- Pasir Ris Park & Vietnam Adventures
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2 Jan 2006 - Swimming at Monterey Park Condo

New hairstyle for the new year

Happy New Year 2006!

Let's have a new hair-do for the new year of 2006... My stylist is none other than mummy....


Thanks to Auntie Joanna, we got to swim at her new home at the Monterey Park Condo.

Wai Lan and Jin

Robyn and friends

Having fun together at the pool were Ming Yi, Ming Chih, Ming Ting and Robyn.
While the mothers had fun doing facial, and Daddies Alvin and Edward were talking business.


15 Jan 2006 - Spring Cleaning for the Old Folks by Singapore Adventurers' Club

It's once again the annual spring cleaning for the old folks at Kim Tian!

As usual, Michael Chng funded the project and Cecilia Ong organised it masterfully with the help of many members of the Singapore Adventurers' Club.

Robyn proved to be a capable helping hand this year. We left the toilet, kitchen, balcony and bedroom spotlessly clean!

Spring cleaning at kim Tian

Robyn cleaning toilet

Alvin and Robyn scrubbing the floor


29 Jan 2006 - Gong Xi Fa Cai on Chinese New Year

The Yongs

Welcome the Year of Dog - a year of good health, happiness, prosperity and good fortune for all!

The Yongs on the first day of Chinese New Year at Jurong East.

L to R: Jin, Melvin & Skye, Grandpa, Xiao Mei, Robyn & Alvin, Janet, Kwok Lum & Eugene, Grandma.

The Yongs

Jin, Robyn and Alvin Jin, Robyn and Alvin



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