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3rd Year: 2001
- Great Granny & Wading Pool
- BBQ & Fish Farm
- Climbing at Safra Yishun, Toguna and in Shanghai
- Port Dickson & Ice Skating at Fuji Ice Plaza I
- Ice Skating II, Farmart & Nickolas' Birthday
- Botanic Gardens & Zoo
- Queensland Driveabout & Nature Walk in Pulau Ubin
- Pelepah Waterfalls
- Robyn's Birthday @ Sentosa
- Visit to Dentist & Apple Tree
- X'mas, Labrador Park & New Year Campover @ West Coast Park
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6 May 2001 - Family Holiday @ Port Dickson, Malaysia


Getting ready for my first jet ski experience.

Jin, Robyn and Alvin at Port Dickson

Jin, Alvin and Robyn on jet ski
Making wave! Robyn was seated in front of Daddy, with an oversized safety jacket


Robyn & Auntie Janet
Janet and Robyn in the water

Robyn and sculpture



7 May 2001 - Robyn's New Bedroom

Toguna, my previous climbing gym at home, has now been transformed into my new bedroom with a new coat of paint. And this is my new bed.

Robyn and her new bed


12 May 2001 - Ice Skating @ Fuji Ice Palace

Robyn and Alvin on skates Enjoying Daddy's body warmth
Robyn and Jin on skates

"As this was my first ice skating experience, I took numerous falls..."

Robyn on ice

"After an hour or so, I finally could balance on my own. Hooray!"

Robyn is skating!


26 May 2001 - Yesteryear's Outfit

Robyn in Alvin's kid shirt
This 4-pocket shirt was tailored and worn by Daddy when he was my age 3 decades ago. I'm gonna keep and pass it on to my kids 3 decades from now...


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