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2nd Year: 2000
- Millennium Crossover & Happy New Year
- Birthdays
- Robyn Scarred !!!
- Arts @ The Substation
- Auntie Janet's ROM
- RockOn & Father's Day
- City Park & Lower Pierce
- Tumble Tots Playgroup
- Camping Northern Territory, Australia
- Robyn Turns 2!
- DinosaursAlive!
- Museum Tour & Auntie Janet's Wedding
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1 Jan 2000 - New Millennium Crossover Camp @ Pulau Ubin

Near midnight on 31 Dec 1999 in Pulau Ubin
While the crowd was squeezing and sweating it out at the Millennium Swing Singapore, we had our own serene Swing Ubin under the beautiful starry night. We arrived at Noordin Beach on our rented mountain bike (Robyn's first bike experience). And we slept in our good old Wild Country tent.
Millennium dinner by the starry night
Happy Millennium at Pulau Ubin
We used a gas lamp instead of candle light to brighten our Millennium dinner, comprising of simple maggie mee!
It's dawn on 1 Jan 2000 and also wedding anniversary of Jin and Alvin! Robyn slept through the beautiful firework at midnight...
Robyn in Ubin

Alvin, Jin and Robyn on mountain bikes

"Are we on the Castaway island? Let's collect wild fruits for lunch..." Robyn had plenty of fun exploring the Noordin Beach on New Year Day. My first visit to the island of Pulau Ubin. Our campsite was at Nordin beach and Mummy was my mountain bike chauffeur.


6 Jan 2000 - Happy New Year

Robyn Yong cheeky face Happy New Year
My first visit to a live circus and it was Saltimbanco!


15 Jan 2000 - Kid's Adventure Fun @ SAFRA Toa Payoh

Robyn climbing net
Jin and Robyn at Kid's Adventure
Another day of physical workout at Kid's Adventure, SAFRA Toa Payoh


16 Jan 2000 - Grandpa's Birthday Celebration @ Orchard Hotel

A good buffet dinner at Orchard Hotel to celebrate Grandpa's birthday
Grandpa's birthday



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