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Birth Year: 1998
- Born on 16th Oct
- 1st month old party
- Robyn's 1st family outing
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The name ROBYN was inspired by Ms Robyn Erbesfield, a 4-time World Cup Sport Climbing Champion. The name 'Robyn' means 'bright fame' and is of Teutonic/Anglo-Saxon origin.

Born in the year of Tiger, Robyn's Chinese name means as 'smart, agile and swift' as a tigress.

Yang Min

Swift Tiger

So tiny and little, and always sleepy... Robyn weighed 3kg at birth...

1-day old Robyn
17 Oct - 1-day old Robyn
25 Oct - 9-day old Robyn  
Baby Robyn 9-day old Robyn
Sleeping and feeding seems to be the only routine throughout the day/night for Robyn... But during those few moments when she's awake, she's just so lovely to look at and play with...


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