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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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It is India's National Day today! There was a special puja by Guruji early in the morning. After the Puja ended, we went to the dining hall to eat breakfast, but there was really really little people! Turns out that there was a National Day ceremony! We arrived just in time to see the last performance. We ate a very delciious lunch at Pancharkarma and dad did a Meridian 101 workshop for the doctors there. Nowadays, dad is doing a Meridian 101 workshop everyday! (^o^) People are booking his time because we will leave India on the 21st August! Never seen dad so busy with workshops! (^.^)

In the morning, dad conducted an ambassador course for 'The Chosen 8'. I took some photos and went back to the room with mum. After lunch, dad conducted another meridian 101 workshop for another group who came from Hyderabad. It was raining for a really long time at night, it was quite cold. But we still ate ice-cream.... Hahaha... (o_o) Ice-cream in cold weather makes you feel warm... (^.^)

There was another workshop today. It was really fun, it's because dad trained 'The Chosen 8' to become Ambassadors! So they were the speakers today... Dad only talked at the beginning and at the end. 'The Chosen 8' were really funny!

'Ahh! The box is so heavy!' Exclaimed Robyn. We packed all the things that we were going to send to Singapore in a box that weigh 10Kg! Mum carried the box to the post office and I led the way. It was quite far! Mum carried the box on her head the whole way! We went there hoping that we could buy some tape to tape up the box. But they didn't have any tape. So mum went to a roadside shop that someone reccomended, but it was close! We came back after lunch and found that the shop was still closed! We waited for 10 minutes and the shop owner finally came! We bought the tape and rushed back to tape up the box. We practically taped the WHOLE box! We went back to our room and I watched '3 Idiots'. Zzzzz...

What!?! Christine and Donald, the couple from Singapore, has been chased out of the ashram!?! Dad told me to go and help them, so I rushed there, but I accidently took the wrong road.... So I rushed back to where I was supposed to go. They were at the travel agent office, I waited for them to finish talking. We went to the cafe so that they were able to eat their dinner, because they were going to be in a taxi to the hotel for quite a long time. I accompanied to their room and they started packing their bags. I stood at a corner listening to what they were saying and looking at what they threw into their luggages. Then, we went to gate 3 to wait for the taxi. We arrived quite early, so we had to wait for a while. Dad, mum and uncle Siva came after a few minutes. They were talking about what had happened, and uncle Siva went into the dining hall and got permission for us to eat dinner early. The taxi came after a while and Christine and uncle Donald left. Bye! (^.^)

Last day! We had a Meridin 101 graduation workshop for 'The Chosen 8'. Uncle Prasana, who just came from Singapore last time brought the essential oils and gua sha boards! Thank you! (^.^) 'The CHosen 8' was finally able to try to gua sha and feel it. It was really fun! (^.^) ~Fast-Forwarding~ We said good bye to everyone in the afternoon, and now it is 11pm at night. I'm so sleepy! (-.-) But I just finished bathing, so my hair is wet and I can't sleep. At 11.55pm, dad just finished bathing and we were in a really tight situation!!! (>O<) 1. We had to find a way to pass the datacard to uncle Siva, 2. It was drizzling, 3. We had to call a few people urgently, but our pre-paid card went out of credit, 4. The taxi driver would be waiting for us at the kitchen gate, which is quite far from where we were, at 12am, which is now! AHHHHH! So many problems! But, sitting down wouldn't help, so we carried all our things ready to go (somewhere). SUDDENLY! LIGHT APPEARED FROM THE HEAVENS AND AN ANGEL CAME FLOATING DOWN..... THE ANGEL SAID' HI, ARE YOU GOING FOR TREKKING?' ~CUT!~ The angel was uncle Rohit! He thought we were going for trekking because dad was carrying a big haversack. Hahaha! (^.^) He helped us to call the taxi driver using his phone and asked him to pick us up at the front gate, which is much closer. Then, he agreed to help us to pass the datacard to uncle Siva. Plus, he helped us to carry our luggages to the place where the taxi driver would pick us up. It really was an ANGEL! Thank you Guruji, for sending him to us! Thank you uncle Rohit! THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL CALL SEVA..... (^.^) We sat int he taxi and took of to the airport. It was 12.45am when we reached there. I was REALLY sleepy. Well, we got onto the airplane and slept. Good nite! Stay Tuned.... Bye INDIA! (^.^)

We were going to Kenya via Sharjah. Sharjah is in UAE. We ate breakfast and got onto the plane that was heading to Kenya. We reached Kenya at 1.15pm and went to immigration. (-_-) The officer asked us where our return ticket was. He directed us to another officer and... ~Who knew? The trouble was just starting~ The officer kept asking us for our return tickets despite us saying that we will leave Kenya in 1 months time of we will get a Visa. In the end, we had to try and get a ticket, but there was no travel desk in the airport! (>o<) So after much persuation to the immigration officer, dad was allowed to get out, but only to buy a bus ticket to Kilimanjaro. After that, we were finally able to get out of the airport, and it was already 4pm! OMG! We got to the Wildebeest Camp, whcih was really beautiful, and checked into our room. It was a small but cozy room which had a double bed and a table. We took the cheapest housing, so there was no bathroom attached. Everytime we had to go to the bathroom, we had to go to the outdoor bathroom, which was very nice. Anyway, we ate a combined lunch and dinner at 6pm! We ate the combined lunch-dinner at Nakumatt Prestige and it was really delicious! Best chicken chowmien! THE 1ST DAY IN KENYA! REJOICE!


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