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Robyn's Diary
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Dad has fallen sick! Oh no.. He stayed in bed the whole day and only ate half a banana in the afternoon and a tiny piece of mud cake at night! He had stomach upset and a bit of fever. Mum and me spent the whole day reading and watching TV. I played Iphone games also. But there was no electricity for almost the whole day and kept flickering at about 6pm. It only calmed down at 6.30pm. When we switched on the Tv, 'The Gamer' was on. After that was 'Godzilla'. Mum and me watched 'Godzilla' until 11.30pm and went back to our room and slept. "Godzilla' is a nice show! I wonder if there is a 'Godzilla 2'? I hope that there is.

Dad is well again, so he is back to his work on his laptop, AGAIN! I think he is doing toooo much laptop work and thus, he gets sick. (-_-) Sigh. Anyway, we are to have the clay workshop on this Friday and will be leaving Kaza to Manali on Saturday. Only a few days left here! Oh no! Anyway, after Manali, we'll go to Delhi and meet uncle Chawla or uncle Swapan and will be heading to tilonia, Rajasthan. After that, we will head all the way down to Bangalore again! Wow! All the way back down to where we started! (>o<) See you again soon, Bangalore. (^.^)

We stayed in the hotel the whole day, I did my homework and diary. Mum did her work and diary, Dad did his work and no diary. Hahaha! (^.^) Ever since we bought the juice, it's been very nice. Huh? I meant I like the fruit juice we bought for dad when he was sick. Bye!

Hallo! Today we stayed st the hotel in the morning and went to the Eco-office to prepare the clay for tomorrow's clay workshop. Dad proclaimed that this clay was not good for making mugs, because it will crack at the slightest bend. The clay that we used in SIngapore was Stoneware clay. This was powder clay and you had to add the water in yourself. During dinner, we ate at 'Yak Cafe'. Guess what we ate? Mutton Momos! Wowie! And the show that was on at 9pm was 'Prince Of Persia'! (^.^) Good night!

Howdy! Today was the funniest day I had in Kaza! In the morning, we had the clay workshop and it was really fun! All the teams were very creative! (^.^) They were supposed to build or carve onto the clay and the themes were conservation, renewable technologies, responsible travel and organic. In the evening, we ate dinner with the NUS students, it was mutton with rice! Delicious! Dad talked about his days in Africa, the very funny story. Then, we went to the Pranta stall and drank tea. But, halfway, because we were talking about the Comic Life on my computer, we all went to our hotel room and I showed them the comics I made. So funny! Then, we made a comic out of ourselves. Turns out that only mac book has this application. Macbook Pro doesn't. Too bad. Then, we played with the PhotoBooth application and laughed like crazy at each others faces. All the effects were really funny! Hahaha! (>.<) In the end, they left at 10pm, despite me saying NOOOOOO! SO bad! But anyway, see you all in Bangalore. Love and smilies from me! (^.^) Robyn! Gd nite!

Hello! Today we woke up at 5am to report to the bus station at 6am and the bus will leave at 7am. When we reached the bus station, we found out that there were no buses coming! (>O<) WHAT!!! Then, we went to eat a mutton chowmien breakfast at the good and nice and AMAZING shop near the bus station. Dad secured a place for us in a taxi jeep and our seats were at the back. Woah! Very uncomfortable leh! (>O<) The road was very bad! Keep going up and down and up and down! Ahhh! Then, we saw what we saw! Huh? Sorry! I meant we saw glaciers! SO close, man! It actually blocked the whole road and the so it was cut off by bulldozers! We saw alot of them! Really really tall! Finally, we reached the Rohtang Pass, the pass is said to have jammed the traffic for upto 3 hours! The Rohtang Pass is ontop of a mountain, and it's very cold! Glaciers, Glaciers, everywhere! Because of the traffic jam, we got off the car and went to touch a HUGE glacier! AMAZING! Families and couples come up here to ski, walk, paraglide, take pictures, pinic and even to ride horses! It's so cold that you can see the mist in your breath! Because of the melting glaciers, the water makes the soil very very muddy. Today was a good day, because the traffic only lasted for half-an-hour! (^.^) We finally reached Manali at about 4.30pm! A 10 hours ride! Ahh! We looked and checked the hotels. The hotel Cedar, aunty Ishita helped us to book a space here, cost Rs 750. After mum's cruel persistence and wanting to leave, it was lowered to Rs 400! Rs 350 difference! We settled in and went to eat our dinner at a shop that sells chicken! We ate the butter and tandoori chicken and the cost was Rs 485! So expensive! But it was still very very nice and delicious! It was drizzling, so we went to a nearby Indian sweet shop. Dad drank 2 cups of coffee, while mum drank 1 cup of tea. And me? I ate a nice and fresh Jelibee! (^.^) Very nice! I wanna eat it again! We walked around and then went back to hotel. Oh yeah! We went to a DVD shop and found '3 Idiots'! English subtitles! (It's a movie.) Yay! Good nite!

I'm sorry, everyone, but I have forgotten what happened! But, basically, we left for Delhi and ate dinner at a place where it is very expensive. We didn't know because there was no menu! We only ordered Half butter chicken and the price went up to Rs 400+ to 500+! So expensive! Anyway, good bumpy ride night on the bus to me! (~_~) Zzzz...



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