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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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Today many shops were closed, I think it's a holiday or something. We stayed at the ashram for the whole day. Dad worked on his presentation and mum and me did our work. For dinner we ate at KFC! But they only have spicy! Sigh, but I still ate it! I hope that I can eat more spicy food. Jia You! (^.^)

Hai-hai! Today we met uncle Pathik, uncle Nagaraj and uncle Bale and went to meet uncle Nagaraj's brother-in-law. They talked about the business things while I went onto the computer. Then, we went back to the Sri Aurobindo ashram and now I have nothing to talk about...

Hai-hai! Good morning! After lunch today, Anvita, a girl that stays in the ashram and goes to the school next to the ashram, came to our room. Then, mum, Anvita and me played a memory game with poker cards. After that, we went to the DKP office and chatted with uncle Nagaraj and uncle Pathik about our train tickets. In the end, we got it, but was on the waiting list. We were going to go from Bangalore to Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar to Kolkata. Dad and mum has trouble pronouncing Bhubaneswar which is pronounced as Bu-bu-nes-swar. Uncle Nagaraj and uncle Pathik brought us to a restaurant and we ate dinner together. It was delicious! (^.^) I love the sweet lime juice!

Today was a fun day with Anvita! After I finished my homework, Anvita and I went around playing and went to the school's playground to play! The gate was locked, so we climbed over it. OMG! But it looked like Anvita was used to this. A fun day! (^.^)

The internet connection stopped working! Oh no! I won't be able to go onto the internet! Today afternoon was really hot! There was no power and so the fan stopped working! I did my work with Anvita in the shade and we painted a few pictures. Tomorrow is the last day in Bangalore! Bye!

We went to the DKP office and the AOL office and said good bye to everyone. We had a great lunch with everyone in the DKP at Maiya's restaurant is a very Very VERY! famous and crowded restaurant. The a huge crowd waiting outside waiting to enter the 4 storey Maiya's building. While waiting to go in, we went to visit Maiya's, large Large LARGE variety of sweets, sweet shop. Uncle Nagaraj bought alot Alot ALOT! of sweets for us and the families we were going to visit. The sweets were not usual sweets, it was Indian sweets cakes. Uncle Praveen came to pick us up at the Sri Aurobindo ashram to bring us to the train station. We stopped by "Renee" to buy dinner so that we could eat on the train. Uncle Praveen accidentally dropped his shoe into the gap between the train and the platform! (>O<) Luckily he managed to get it back. Phew! Our cabin was 2AC which can be closed by a curtain and has two beds on each side. It was quite comfortable but also quite cold.

We have reached Gadag! Uncle Deepak came to pick us up at 10am and we went to a shop to eat breakfast. First, we went to Mr Mallappa's fruit farm. It's like a forest of fruits! AMAZING! He does organic farming! Alot of Indian farmers use chemicals in their farm. Very Bad! (-_-) Mr Mallappa is a very energetic man, he plucked 4 chikus, 5-7 tiny bananas, guavas, 2 handfuls of jasmine flowers, a few pretty flowers and lime from his crop and gave them to us. He is 'quite rich' compared to the other farmers. We went to meet another farmer whose land was growing onion seeds. Mind you, this is not onion, onion seeds. It's different. We ate lunch at his house where everybody in the village has cows in their houses! Wow! All their houses were big, but most of the space are for the animals! Then we went to uncle Bale's house and talked. We ate dinner at the only hotel restaurant in Koppal and rushed to the bus station. The bus was one and a-half hours late! OMG! So late! Anyway the bus ride was so bumpy and the wind was so cold! Sigh. Good night!


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